Give you the full benefit of our experience

Does a good project look good on paper, but remain so on the ground? Poorly prepared organization upstream, poorly managed development downstream, haphazard management... and you're off the road before you even hit the gas pedal. With AS Biz Dev, you benefit from unique operational know-how, based on 20 years of international experience in all key business development sectors. We're the first in line, paving the way for your success.

Organize upstream

The proverb "There's no point in running, you've got to start on time" is a common-sense one, but it's also true that the success of a project often depends on good upstream organization. Which supplier? At what cost? How quickly? These are all questions that require a detailed knowledge of the industrial process and a real mastery of the product chain. From factory to customer, AS Biz Dev is in your backyard. Developed on an international scale through contact with the automotive industry (Mecaplast, CNH Industrial), our know-how covers all stages of manufacturing right up to the arrival of the product: sourcing, planning, orders, stock management - we're there to assess the economic impact and help you make the right decisions. With us, production is like a long, (almost) tranquil river.

Increasing visibility

No matter how innovative or attractive a product may be, it is only worthwhile if it is known and adopted by as many people as possible. This implies having thought through a development policy downstream from production. AS Biz Dev can help you stand out from the crowd and raise your profile, because we have a real know-how of how to get the word out. Having managed large marketing and communication budgets, notably at Primagaz France, we know all about Product Marketing and Marketing Communication. We master the codes and know how to use them to maximum effect. From highlighting product quality, to competitor and market studies, to communication plans, we find the right arguments and target the right media to attract potential customers. You've got the product, we'll showcase it.


Supporting management

Any change in a well-oiled, even routine, organization quickly becomes a pebble in the shoe for those who don't know how to support it. A soft skill if ever there was one, management cannot be decreed. It adapts, refines and evolves with the company. Managing a growing budget and winning over a team are not easy tasks. An outsider's eye, especially an experienced one, can often help you get over the hurdle. AS Biz Dev can provide that expertise. Managing a workforce of 50 at five different sites and in four languages was our daily routine for a few years. Thanks to this, we've learned how to build on what already exists to move forward and build trust.

Being sincere with your colleagues, being well organized, valuing skills, developing new ones through training, giving meaning to what each person does - these are just a few of the keys to successful management, so that your company can grow with peace of mind.

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