Supporting your growth

Do you want to develop your company? Are you unsure of how to develop its potential and leverage its assets? AS Biz Dev can give you the boost you need with its multi-sector skills, proven know-how, expertise in Africa & the Middle East and international network of seasoned professionals.

Whether you're a modest local SME or a global industrial group, our solutions can be flexibly tailored to your needs. They are provided on a turnkey basis, with the guarantee of flawless execution, since we monitor your project from start to finish. As part of a genuine quality approach, our services are designed as a three-stage process, which can also be developed separately depending on the objective to be achieved.

Before considering opportunities for growth, we need to take stock of your company's strengths and weaknesses. This will enable us to accurately assess the means and resources required to carry out your project and our mission. Because it's essential to our joint success, this diagnosis must be 100% reliable... and it will be: from sourcing to marketing, including the key stages of planning and marketing, AS Biz Dev has real organizational and operational know-how. Once the diagnosis has been made, we'll be in a position to propose solutions that match your in-house skills and your level of involvement with us.

Project management

Launching a product, conquering a market or simply finding new suppliers is not something you can improvise. It requires a thorough knowledge of project management, because the success of a project often depends on its efficiency. This is precisely where AS Biz Dev can be of great help: we can draw up a business plan, plan and coordinate tasks, implement logistical and operational solutions, monitor execution, optimize resources and manage risks. With us, you'll save time and money by mobilizing your resources as little as possible.

Business development

You've got real know-how, but you don't know how to get it across. AS Biz Dev can help by becoming your voice. We can propose an effective distribution strategy and develop it alongside you: we identify future local partners and put you in touch with them. We design and adapt technical solutions to conquer new markets. We also manage your marketing strategy and customer relations. We'll get your business development off the ground, with you as co-pilot.


The development of a company often creates a new dynamic, synonymous with internal change. Whatever their scale, these innovations break with an established organization and upset habits. All too often, they are experienced in the discomfort and stress of the unknown. AS Biz Dev can help you get through the transition smoothly, thanks to its solid experience in transition situations. For us, a company's evolution is only beneficial if it is understood and shared by all. That's why we accompany your employees, step by step, in their conversion, listening carefully to their feelings and involving them in the organizational change. We can also offer them ad hoc training to prepare them for the new growth prospects that await them.

Because we believe it's just as important to prepare tomorrow's entrepreneurs for global economic challenges, AS Biz Dev is also able to develop themed business development training courses for students at universities, business and management schools and engineering schools. Passing on our expertise is one of our core values, and we will always be happy and proud to share our know-how with as many people as possible.

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