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Digital Transformation

For our customers, "Putting people at the heart of exchanges" means that we position digital technology at the service of human relations.

We are helping to rehumanize exchanges by taking advantage of digital tools.
Our tools and services will enable our customers to focus on the human relationship and thus boost their sales, in line with their corporate strategy.

We develop, supply and implement the tools and services that enable our customers to develop a more efficient sales force and more effective customer relations.

We are convinced that the company has a key role to play in collective progress. 

To achieve this, we collaborate with associations whose values we share: our Open Source community, Le Réseau Entreprendre, the Entourage/LinkedOut association, Les Petits Frères des Pauvres.

We encourage and support all initiatives by employees who want to get involved in their community. To provide a framework for this action, we want to enshrine this commitment to impact in our articles of association, so as to become a company with a mission.

Industry / Business Development

BBC Bircher is a successful international supplier and manufacturer.

Our two specialist divisions, with their expertise in sensor technology and process control, particularly for automatic doors and gates, enable us to place the safety of people, vehicles and installations at the forefront of our business, with a guarantee of lasting, enhanced quality.

ADMG technology is an innovative start-up created within the AGF Group to create cutting-edge systems in metalworking automation for third parties. Thanks to collaborations with various universities, patents and state-of-the-art technologies,

ADMG has succeeded in creating its own market space with highly innovative products. Planning and design form the basis of the company's life, where the emphasis is constantly on customer relations, attention to product quality and the use of state-of-the-art technology.

Consulting / Coaching in organizational development

In a globalized, complex and uncertain world, the challenge for organizations is to bounce back from "shocks" to build a successful future.

Acting with agility and co-responsibility: SYS'MIC relies on movement and collective intelligence to create the shared vision that precedes action.

The EMBA Business School is the business and management school of the CCI Métropolitaine Bretagne Ouest (CCIMBO).

Located at the heart of the Creac'h Gwen university and tertiary training center in Quimper, near Brest in Finistère, its campus welcomes students and teachers from France and all over the world.

For several years now, the school has been committed to an ambitious and demanding Quality process, as evidenced by the recent Qualiopi certification obtained in July 2020 for our apprenticeship training initiatives.

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