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Growth Enablement / Digital

For our clients, "Developing the human element at the heart of exchanges" means that we position digital technology at the service of human relations.

We participate in the rehumanisation of exchanges by taking advantage of digital tools.
Through our tools and services, our clients will be able to focus on the human relationship and thus increase their sales, in line with their corporate strategy.

We develop, supply and implement tools and services that enable our clients to develop a more efficient sales force and a more effective customer relationship.

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Industry / Business Development

Foshan Tongbao Co., Ltd (FSTB) is located in Foshan, Guangdong, China, adjacent to Guangzhou and Hong Kong. FSTB was set up since 1966, started to manufacturer thermostat from 1982 and become the largest mechanical thermostat manufacturer in China.

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Xuzhou Sanhe Automatic Control Equipment Co. was established in September 2009. Its main business is to develop and manufacture microcomputer temperature and humidity controllers, halogen leak detectors, digital display counters, etc.

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Taizhou Hispania Refrigeration Equipment Co.,LTD. is a China-Chile joint venture that manufactures high quality commercial and industrial evaporators, condensers and condensing units, providing products that meet the European quality standards of the Hispania brand.

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ZHEJIANG DAYANG VENTILATOR CO., LTD., formerly known as WENLING DAYANG ELECTRIC CO., LTD, was founded in 1998.

DAYANG is an outstanding domestic high-tech company specialized development, production, manufacturing and sales of motors and fans.

Widely used in refrigeration, industrial cooling, heat pump air conditioning, fresh air purification, drying ventilation and other fields.

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Consulting / Coaching
in organisational
of organizations

In a globalised, complex and uncertain world, the challenge for organisations is to bounce back from the "shocks" to build a successful future.

To act, with agility and co-responsibility: SYS'MIC relies on movement and collective intelligence to bring out the shared vision that precedes action.

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